Everywhere you look there are forms. Sometimes you can fill them out without even thinking about it, and sometimes not. For everyone's safety, we have activity waivers that we ask everyone to fill out. If someone is under 18 years of age, then the parent/guardian will do the form and sign it for them. 

Alice_giving_directionsFor every outing, I fill out a trip plan which lists each of the participants, their clothing colors for the day, any special medical information, the trip start and finish points, and more. Your personal information may only be shared in case of an emergency. Sample forms are below and may be copied for your personal use. We go over simple emergency plans based on our workshop/class/tour.

I will have everyone wear a whistle and on some trips a compass as well. I routinely take a picture of the spot where we are leaving from on my phone or camera for that day with everyone in it.  If someone becomes separated, that picture will help searchers greatly and it makes a great momento of the trip.


Sample Kayak Float Plan  AAA_Sea_Kayak_Float_Plan.pdf

Sample Land Based Trip Plan AAA_Trip_Plan.pdf

Suggested Day Trip Paddling Equipment List AAA_Sea_Kayak_Day_Trip_Equipment_List.pdf

Suggested Land Based Day Trip Equipment List  AAA_What_to_bring_on_a_trip.pdf