Sea_kayaking_6-09_003Take a personalized class or workshop

Sooner or later, we can admit we don't know how to do everything. I admit that I am not a sea kayaker with a bomb proof roll. I'm taking a class in sea kayak surfing in the picture to the left to upgrade my skills. Am I perfect yet, "No, I have lots to learn."

Allowing and encouraging ourselves to take a class or workshop is really helpful. When I teach beginners to sea kayak we will work on wet exits and self rescues. I find that most of my students have at least one of these fears - "I won't be able to get out of the kayak if it rolls over", "I won't be able to get into my kayak if I fall out", "I can't swim or I don't like getting my face wet".  Until we can try the skill(s) that allow us to work through our fears, we can't learn to beat them.  You can lie to everyone else about your abilities, but never yourself.   If you have some skills, and you want to maximize your learning time, then schedule a private class when all the training is focused on your needs. 


Join Alice for a private instructional class or in a semi-custom workshop as she helps you upgrade your skills in:Using_a_Compass

  • coastal navigation
  • map and compass
  • low impact camping or LNT - Leave No Trace
  • sea kayaking
  • SUP'ng  or Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • flat water canoeing
  • outdoor camp cooking using a fire
  • cooking with foil, sticks, and dutch ovens
  • cooking using backpacking stoves
  • snowshoeingTrying to get into a sea kayak
  • hiking
  • hunter safety
  • winter camping skills
  • summer camping skills
  • training to become a Registered Maine Guide
  • trip planning for a group

Examples of semi-custom workshops for small groups of friends:


Kayak Skills Development Workshop Topics that will be covered while on the water are based on your skill level: navigation from the cockpit, stroke development (improvement and introduction of new strokes), safety, self rescues and assisted rescues for others, towing, launching and landing protocols, estimation of personal paddling speed and group dynamics.  You will be getting wet. $100/person for an all day group workshop. Call 207 729-6333 to register or create a custom workshop for family and friends.

Casco Bay Exploration  Explore a lesser known section of middle Casco Bay in an all day paddle geared to beginners and advanced beginners.  Work on improving your paddling strokes and your comfort in discovering new places while dealing with tides, wind, and other environmental factors. $100/person for an all day paddle.  Call 207 729-6333 to register or create a custom workshop for family and friends.

Stand Up Paddleboard Instruction Learn to use a stand up paddleboard (SUP) Family SUP and Bailey the dog 1024x768with an instructor who will help you get on and off safely and easily, turn, paddle on one side and not go in circles, paddle in a straight line without constantly changing sides, how to change boards with another paddler, and lastly, how to power paddle using your  whole body and not just your arms. Learn to size your paddle and how to choose a board. Call 207 729 6333 to ask for a personalized lesson for you, family, or friends. 


"Thank you again for the lessons on Sunday  and the DVD! I just looked through the photos and watched the videos! They are great! A fun family activity with great memories! Thanks again!"  Barbara P.    The picture to the right is her family and Bailey the dog paddling.

Sea Kayak Trip Planning Workshop  Learn or update your knowledge on: packing a kayak and its parts, group management on water, navigation skills, trip planning, simple food preparation, safety, principals of group launching, catastrophic and first aid issues, and more. Geared to trip leaders of small groups. $100/person for an all day workshop. Call 207 729-6333 to register or create a custom workshop for family and friends.

4-2012 Chart work at tableNavigation by Map and Compass or Chart and Compass Learn how to use a compass on land or for coastal navigation, in a real life setting rather than in a sterile classroom. Its fun, and more fun when you feel safe using your skills especially when your GPS fails whether geocaching, hiking, or paddling. High tech doesn't always save lives. $100/person for a six hour workshop. Call 207 729-6333 to register or create a custom workshop for family and friends.

Don't see what you want? Call 207 729 6333 or email explaining what you do want.


 "I decided to take the Outdoor Cooking Workshop in April. Oh my, not only did Alice teach me to cook so I wasn't scared to cook for others after I practice at home, but I know what not to do like using the same spoon for tasting the soup as serving it. We cooked in a dutch oven, in foil, and on sticks." Peter F. Putting Bisquit dough on sticks for Dough Boys