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2010_Artic_Museum__Solar_Panels_008Take a personalized map and compass or coastal navigation workshop.

This is a compass from the Bowdoin College Artic Museum. It was used during the exploration of the North Pole. It is brass and has a cover on it. It does not have a sighting mirror and if you turn it quickly, the compass card will spin. Yet it guided different groups on their explorations of the world. Could you use it?

Do you feel like your head is spinning when you think about using a compass, a map, or both together? If your think your car GPS will get you where you need to go, what happens when there is no power or batteries? Do you use a DeLorme Gazeteer to get you everywhere including the woods? Do you know how to follow a bearing around an pond or stream and get back on course?

Take a personalized 3 hour course and learn how to individually use your compass, a topographic map, and then use them together. This will include actual time outside testing your skills. This will be scheduled in Brunswick at a mutual agreed upon time and date.  $50.00/person for three or more people or $75 for one.

"" I am a Registered Maine Guide from long ago and haven't been using my Map and Compass skills. I have joined a Maine Search and Rescue Group and want to have great skills for when I need to search. I'm glad that I did a map and compass refresher with Alice. I updated my skills and learned how to better use my Silva compass. Being able to go around a water hazard without resetting my compass in the field was GREAT!"  M.S. Sweden, ME

Do you need to learn or wish to update your water navigation skills? Navigating using charts and hand held compasses in small boats accounting for tides, currents, boat traffic, and environmental elements is a challenge for most handpowered boaters. Take a personalized 3 hour course and learn how to do this. This will be scheduled in Brunswick at a mutual agreed upon time and date.  $50.00/person with two or three people, or $75 for one.

MGS_compass_006Youth group introductory compass lesson.  One hour interactive lesson for children in the second through eighth grade. Compasses will be provided for up to eight children. A great beginning to learning to geocache.  $75 for the one hour group lesson

 "I passed! Your practice session prepared me perfectly for the (Registered Maine Guide) exam. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach me everything. I really feel like I have a good understanding of map and compass now." A.G. Falmouth, ME.


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