Alice's Awesome Adventures, LLC  offers personalized customized  Registered Maine Guide preparation training using your skills and knowledge as your base. This is not a generalized program, but one tailored to your particular needs and background focused on the guiding specialty in which you are seeking to take the tests. Training can be done in person or in a combination of online work and contact training.

The lure of the grand State of Maine was too much for civilized travelers used to the cities of the world in the 1800's. Maine was full of moose, deer, bear, hunting and sporting camps, lobsters crawling on the shore, wide open spaces and woods. The fishing from the lakes was reported to be incredible and to get here, all you had to do was get on the train or a steamer and come. Some of our early visitors went on their own and got lost. Others hadn't a clue how to catch fish or set up camp. Many of our visitors wanted a personalized trip that would go to the best spots for hunting or fishing and travel down streams and rivers in wood & canvas canoes. The guiding industry was born and used native americans initially as guides. The state of Maine decided there ought to be a licensing process and 1897, the first Registered Maine Guide was a woman - Fly Rod Crosby. Today, there are nearly 4500 Registered and Master Maine Guides.

As a Registered or Master Maine Guide you work under the supervision and licensing of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. They define a guide as: "any person who receives any form of remuneration for his services in accompanying or assisting any person in the fields, forests or on the waters or ice within the jurisdiction of the State while hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, snowmobiling or camping at a primitive camping area." 


I want to become a Registered Maine Guide but should I use home study, apprentice, guide school, or combination preparation?

Home study is the least expensive but the hardest if you can't stay focused on your unique training plan. It can be theCanoe most rewarding because you are the one who knows your strengths and weaknesses best. You will read, watch videos, take online training, and practice skills alone or with friends or a study partner. Take the How to Train to Become a Registered Maine Guide  online course through Maine e-Learning at  to discover your base knowledge, your specialty choice, and discover a wealth of training resources.

Apprenticeship is currently not allowed in the State of Maine for any specialty other than Whitewater Rafting. Whitewater Rafting guide candidates actually take a course with the sponsoring/future employer rafting company and then "student teach" rafting runs to fellow candidates as part of their training process. You can ask a guide to help you with a topic of study but you can not job shadow a guide and receive any renumeration of any kind.

Guide Schools offer courses that have specific attendance dates and are generalized training for a group of students focusing on the specialties of hunting, fishing and recreation. They are designed to give you the information they believe you need to become a basic guide in a short time such as over two weekends. They are a combination of some practical skills and mostly classroom sessions.  Not all schools use the same format or scheduling, so ask about their: scheduling, payment and refund policies; Guide Test pass rates; how the information is taught - will it match with your learning needs?; and ask to chat with past students. Most programs average $500 for classroom attendance.  Alice's Awesome Adventures does work with the Freeport Adult Education and Merrymeeting Adult Education departments to offer group Registered Maine Guide training programs once a year. These courses are heavily weighted in practical skills and training that will not only prepare you for your examinations but to become a working guide. Check to see their listings online.  Alice's Awesome Adventures offers private customized training that can start at anytime too.


Combination preparation allows you to take different preparation courses from sources such as guide schools, community adult education classes, specialty groups, seminars, special events, and one-to-one discussions with a current guide or a Maine Warden. Then you will work on your own or with a study partner to prepare. Perhaps your future employer will assist you in preparing. Alice's Awesome Adventures, LLC offers customized specialty training workshops as well as complete guide training for the license specialties of Hunting, Fishing, Recreation, Sea Kayaking, and Tide-water Fishing.  Alice's Awesome Adventures offers online and in-person workshops. The online workshops are at Maine e-Learning. Generalized workshops include topics such as: Preparing for your Sea Kayak Examinations, Basic Search and Rescue Training  and more.

 Alice's Awesome Adventures, LLC  is offering two - all day workshops in spring 2018. Canoeing and SUP training for Trip Leaders and Guides. It will be held on May 5th from 8:30-5pm.  On April 28th, there will be an Outdoor Skills Day for Trip Leaders and Future Guides from 8:30 - 4pm. Each workshop is $200 but if you mention this code RMGwebsite18%  when you register by calling 207 729 6333, you may take the workshops for $125 each. You might need to leave your name and number if Alice is out. Homework will be assigned for completion during the week. You will be cooking outdoors, canoeing, SUP'ng, using map & compass, practicing catastrophic events response, leading a group, testing your wildlife and gear id knowledge, learning basics of searching for a separated client and making a quick overnight survival space, and doing so much more.

"Thank you so much, Alice. I also wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me in the process of getting my license for sea kayaking. I couldn't have done it without you."  P. R. of Falmouth, ME.

"I thought I knew that the best teacher I ever had was in elementary school. You are even better! You helped me learn in the ways that I needed and you knew what to do when I needed. I passed my exams for hunting and fishing." T.F. Bangor, ME

" Dear Alice, Thank you so much for all that you have done for your GIT'S. The time and effort you have given to us is truly appreciated. I feel so fortunate to have learned from the BEST!  You're awesome, and by awesome, I mean TOTALLY AWESOME!"  Love, K.A. Portland, ME.

"I'm looking forward to getting this application into the mail.  Appreciate the help as always and for the quick response which makes my stress go away.  Take care. Sincerely, K. F. Durham, ME"

" I don’t want to skip any of the hands on training days and I'm willing to pay the full price at a later date to make sure I can attend all the classes. I appreciate you keeping in correspondence with me and its obvious you offer way more in training and commitment than the Cabelas or LL Bean programs. If you can let me know what your availability would be for private classes over the next 6 months or so maybe we can set something up.  Thanks again." C.K. South Portland, ME.

Test taking image
No matter how you prepare for your tests you will be nervous when you take them, but proud when you pass
. Can you successfully complete the Alice's Awesome Adventures  GIT (Guide in Training) Game? Regardless of how you prepared for your exams, book a 3 hour session to test yourself with this game. You will be amazed how challenging it is, and how it pulls together all your knowledge while allowing you to discover the areas that you need to review before testing.  

""The GIT Game was amazing! It challenged me to make decisions on the fly based on changes in weather conditions, illness, safety, and catastrophic events all while having to identify wildlife, flora, and equipment. I had to give speeches and evaluate others actions during different guiding situations. I learned so much." A.E., Brunswick, ME

"I thought that I was ready for my examinations. I played the GIT Game and found the holes. It was so much easier to take my orals after playing this game. You should sell this." H.L. New York

"I thoroughly enjoyed our two days on the water. ... I liked the way in which you posed questions and we were engaged in critical thinking on the water. It seems as though it would be easier to answer and think on dry-land, but when in the boat with the wind and the sun and perhaps being a little cold and wet and a little tired it made it more real-world like.  We are going to have to make tough decisions sometimes from the cockpit and I am glad that I had the opportunity."  J.P. Windsor Locks, CT

"As I mentioned, the week as a whole exceeded my expectations by a wide margin." J.S. Andover, MA

 Alice's comfort in the water really came through her, as she very readily wrangled and directed tandem boats on the water, a task famous for ending up with either colliding or widely dispersed vessels clogging the water way.  I actually have years of experience canoeing, and was taught by a Maine Guide, but the intervening decade and a half have grown thick with the weeds of disuse and bad habits. My J-stroke turned into a rudder stroke (very likely due to it being more expedient for my weak wrists), my communication to the bow person became abysmal, and my ability to compensate and adapt to another paddler needs some very serious practice and attention to be brought back up to snuff. I also discovered that my knee injuries in Baxter have left me, for the time being anyway, unable to kneel in a boat. Thanks to this class, all this was brought to my attention in a safe place where I could discover my deficiencies and learn their corrections without consequence.  I learned knots and rigging tricks, I learned about the laws for PFD's and different vessels, and I learned about a few people's jobs.  Watching how others communicated during the rescue made me think hard about how I do and will communicate to victims in emergencies. Jeremy's calm tone and reassuring "are you ready" and "may I"s would calm a panicking person more than yelling and barked orders, and by making a response part of the dialogue, made sure the rescued understood what they had to do or what was about to happen, something that didn't always happen, including in my own run.  Through the whole day was the ethic that being impeccably safe and thorough does not mean not doing or doing less, something my job could stand to learn. 

The whole day I thought "This, this is what I want to give people. Experiences like this."  M. B. Bath, ME

""Most people never realize how important it is to have food safety when cooking outdoors and preparing food at home for clients. Alice showed me how easy it is to do it wrong and then I did the cooking. Oh my, the consequences of not attending to safety details means sick clients, changing a trip or stopping it, and possibly a sick me -the guide. Take her outdoor cooking workshops."  J.C. MA and now ME.



Click and Contact Alice now!  or call 207-729-6333 and let Alice's Awesome Adventures   create your customized Registered Maine Guide training that works with your schedule and commitments.  Most customized courses are hybrid courses of online, classroom, practical, and mock examinations.

Expect to spend a minimum of twelve hours with Alice, plus your online and homework assignments and attend and actively participate in at least two all day workshops. Price is based on your current knowledge and skills and what you ought to know to be a working guide in your choice of license specialty(ies). During 2017, if you wish to train for one specialty, the cost starts at $650.00. Alice trains you to think, act, and be a guide ready to work after you pass your examinations, not just a test taker. Former and current students have hailed from Tennesee, New York, Georgia, Virginia, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Maine. To see current personalized hybrid online/in-person live session course offerings use this link.

 "I couldn't have passed my Recreation Guide's tests without Alice. She took what I knew, worked with my schedule and put in extra time to accomodate my learning style. I would not have succeeded in a regular guide school program." A.O., Kennebunkport, ME

"Alice has gone out of the way to train me to be a guide. I have extensive solo adventuring background but not working with groups. So, DSCN3021she adjusted the lessons to help me change my approach to what I would be doing as a guide. Her online lessons allow me to work independently and then she gives me feedback on what I have done. H.L. New York.  He opened his own kayak shop after becoming a Registered Maine Guide.

"I can't believe what I have learned from the online Sea Kayaking course. It was work but enjoyable. I'm from Illinois and I needed to begin to understand Maine." J.T. Chicago, IL.

"I wanted to open my own sea kayak fishing business and I knew that I couldn't prepare for the examinations from a group course. With my family life, I needed a custom course. Without Alice's help, her attention to details in my training, including learning about running a guiding business, I wouldn't have passed my two license examinations. I'm a Registered Maine Guide for sea kayaking and tide-water fishing. Yea!" M.B. York, ME.

Alice's Awesome Adventures, LLC  offers many 3 - 8 hour workshops for those that want to be outdoors as well as future Registered Maine Guides on specialized topics such as: RMG Test Preparation, Trip Leadership, Kayak Navigation, Map and Compass, Outdoor Cooking, Trip Planning, Winter or Summer Trip Safety, and Outdoor Safety Skills. Call 207 729 6333 to book a custom workshop.

 Alice's Awesome Adventures, LLC  is offering two - all day workshops in May 2017. Canoeing and SUP training for Trip Leaders and Guides. It will be held on May 6th from 8:30-5pm.  On April 30th, there will be an Outdoor Skills Day for Trip Leaders and Future Guides from 8:30 - 4pm. Each workshop is $200 but if you mention this code RMGwebsite517  when you register by calling 207 729 6333, you may take each workshop for $100. You might need to leave your name and number if Alice is out.

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