Baseplate compasses and topo maps will be provided for the Map & Compass classes. Coastal navigation tools (divider and parallel rulers) and charts will be provided for the Coastal Navigation classes. Do bring your own if you own them. Reading glasses are a must to see the fine print on maps and charts. If you have them or wear them, be sure to bring them!

MGS compass This Map & Compass workshop is so that you will be safe using a magnetic compass and a topo map to navigate anywhere. Price includes access to an online course to supplement your training.

This workshop is for future Registered Maine Guides, volunteer trip leaders, and those that want to be safe in the outdoors.  

All registrations are through Merrymeeting Adult Education at

There will be a make-up if the class is cancelled due to snow.

Event Start 02-11-2021 6:00 pm
Event End 01-18-2021 9:00 pm
Registration Start Date 11-07-2019
Available spaces 12
Cut off date 02-04-2021 6:00 pm
Individual Price $40.00

 Chart workCoastal Navigation for sea kayaks for Maine State Sea Kayak is a private course where the participants will learn the basics of coastal navigation geared for sea kayakers and SUP users. Future Registered Maine Guides for Sea Kayaking and Tide-Water Fishing specialties should take this course.

This is the hands-on portion of the course where you will practice using the tools needed for coastal navigation, learn about charts and how to read them, and begin to see hazards associated with the waterways. You will be given access to an online course that will serve as your handbook in advance. 

Event Start 06-07-2021 9:00 am
Event End 06-08-2021 5:15 pm
Registration Start Date 01-08-2020
Available spaces 12
Cut off date 06-05-2021 11:00 pm
Individual Price $100.00